2016 Metal Fixed Hook Bar 8"

2016 Metal Fixed Hook Bar 8"


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+ Ergonomic fit
+ Rugged stainless steel spreader bar construction
+ Speed-Lock™ compatible
+ Classic spreader bar performance
+ Easy Unhooking and Hooking
+ Easy interchange to slider bar option

Compatibility: Due to varying thickness of certain brands' "Donkey Dik" or "Chicken Finger" components, our windsurf spreader bar may be a better fit for your setup. If your chicken loop has a particularly thick "finger", we recommend ordering our windsurf spreader bar. This will ensure the finger releases properly from the spreader bar in the event of a safety release. The Windsurf hook is slightly longer and has a broader opening.

For reference: The size of the triangular opening of our kite spreader bar is one inch from top to bottom and one inch from side to side.