Cora 2/1 Front Zip Longsleeve Top
Cora 2/1 Front Zip Longsleeve Top

Cora 2/1 Front Zip Longsleeve Top


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Thicker and warmer than a rash guard, less commitment than a wetsuit- the Cora 2/1 is a versatile top you can wear on its own for protection from the elements or under your suit as an added layer of warmth.


  • Essential protection from the wind, water and sun.
  • Soft, stretchy, comfortable- won’t restrict movement.
  • Adds extra core warmth when worn under wetsuit.
  • Tapered 2/1 thickness warmest at the core, flexible arms and shoulders.
  • Stylish front zip can be worn up or down.


Bomber Seams

Stitched, glued, taped and sealed with liquid rubber for seams that are water tight, flexible and durable.

Limestone Based Neoprene

Neospan S-Foam Neoprene: Industry standard for high-end suits, super soft and stretchy, more durable and less environmental impact than petroleum-based Neoprene and no toxic hydrophobic chemicals.

Strategic Stitching

Stitch pattern designed to allow for maximum range of motion while avoiding stretch points and minimizing chafing.

T-Shirt Cut

Natural, comfortable cut, no turtleneck vibes.