Cora 2/1 Neo Tank Top
Cora 2/1 Neo Tank Top

Cora 2/1 Neo Tank Top


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The 2/1 Cora Tank Top is a comfortable, flexible and form-fitting layer for warm days on the water, when a wetsuit is overkill but you still want protection from the wind and sun. Wear it as an outer layer to extend your time and comfort level on the water. On colder days, it’s also a great layer under your wetsuit, to provide added warmth and heat retention to your core. A good quality neoprene top is an accessory anyone who plays in the water appreciate, and will use regularly.


• Protects from wind, water and sun 
• Fast-drying, super stretchy limestone-based neoprene 
• Full-length, front and back windskin panel
• Comfort you can wear all day long 
• Great as extra layer under wetsuit 
• Enjoy longer, more comfortable sessions