Layover 2.5mm Neo Hoodie
Layover 2.5mm Neo Hoodie

Layover 2.5mm Neo Hoodie


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A cross between a wetsuit and a hooded sweatshirt, this versatile and stylish men’s-cut top will keep you warm, dry and looking good before, during and after your sessions.


  • 2.5mm neoprene construction insulates from wind, water and the elements.
  • Comfortable cut, fits like a hoodie not a wetsuit.
  • Hook slot allows for use over kite/windsurf harness.
  • Thick wetsuit-style zippers okay with sand and saltwater.
  • Made from soft, stretchy, comfortable Limestone neoprene.


Limestone Based Neoprene

Neospan S-Foam Neoprene: Industry standard for high-end suits, super soft and stretchy, more durable and less environmental impact than petroleum-based Neoprene and no toxic hydrophobic chemicals.

Bomber Wetsuit Zipper

Wet-dry function, can handle wind, water, sand and salt.

Adjustable Cuffs

Wear loose for comfort or tight to keep water out.

Zip Up Pockets

Keep contents secure, drain holes let water out.

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