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Are Foot Straps For You?

A perennial debate on beaches is whether to use foot straps on your kite surfboard or wing foil board. Yet, one undeniable truth remains: foot straps keep you connected to your board, and in certain riding disciplines, they're essential. In this video Ride Engine Product Designer Julien Fillion walks us through the Ride Engine foot strap collection. Whether you are looking for a kite foil, kitesurf, wing foil or prone foil foot strap, we have you covered.  Julien will help you decide what foot straps will suit you best! 

Foot Straps on a Directional Kite Surfboard

Let's first explore the benefits of foot straps on a directional kite surfboard (skip ahead for thoughts on wing foiling). While foot straps on a kite surfboard might seem to be an extension of those on a kiteboard twin tip, they have more in common with straps used in tow surfing on tow boards offering the same advantages.

Here’s why foot straps can be beneficial on a kite surfboard:

  1. Staying Connected in Choppy Conditions: Kiting often involves side onshore or onshore winds, which create choppy conditions on the water and wave faces. Straps keep you securely attached to your board, making your ride more efficient and helping you tackle fast or closed-out sections of the wave.
  2. Navigating Through Breaking Waves: Straps provide stability, allowing you to maintain your position on the board while climbing whitewater or even jumping over critical sections. This makes it easier to progress through challenging surf conditions.

Foot Straps on a Wing Foil Board

Now, let’s talk about foot straps on a wing foil board. Straps can significantly enhance your connection to the board and increase your efficiency in various ways:

  1. Improved Stability and Balance: Foot straps help keep your feet in place, adding stability whether you’re on the surface or below the water when using a sinker board.
  2. Assisting in Initial Pumping and Foil Engagement: Straps provide leverage when pumping up onto the foil, boosting forward momentum and enabling faster foil engagement.
  3. Navigating Over Breaking Waves and Whitewater: While on foil, straps help you navigate over waves and whitewater more effectively.
  4. Essential for Freestyle and Jumping: If you’re into freestyle and jumping, foot straps are crucial for keeping the board attached to your feet, ensuring precise landings and quick recoveries.

Choosing the Right Foot Straps

Ride Engine offers a full range of foot straps to suit every need, from fully padded and adjustable to lightweight, ultra-pliable minimal straps. Choosing the right foot strap is highly personal and often depends on your intended use.

  • Freestyle Wing Foiling: A more robust, contoured, and padded strap offers the support and comfort needed for hard landings.
  • Free Ride Wing Foiling: A supportive yet simple foot strap can deliver stability when getting on foil and added power when pumping.
  • Wave Kite Surfing: A minimalistic strap can provide the necessary support and stability in choppy waters and breaking waves without the added bulk.

In conclusion, whether for kite surfing or wing foiling, foot straps offer numerous advantages, enhancing your connection to the board and improving your overall performance.


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