The Ultimate Handbook on Wing Foiling Harnesses

The eternal question persists: to harness or not to harness when wing foiling? It's a debate destined to endure. On one side, some argue that a harness is entirely unnecessary for wing foiling. After all, part of the allure of wing foiling lies in its simplicity—just hold on and ride.
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Should you Consider a Seat Harness?

 Ride Engine gained renown for revolutionizing the perspective of kiteboarders and windsurfers by introducing the hard-shell harness. Often overlooked as a crucial element, the harness holds significant importance. An ill-fitting harness can cause discomfort, hinder skill advancement, and curtail time...
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Is It Time for a New Harness?

Arguably the most tactile part of your kiteboarding session is your harness. It connects you to your kite and should offer support, performance, safety, and comfort. An uncomfortable, worn-out, or ill-fitting harness can be the biggest factor limiting the length...
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