The Women's Specific Brisa Kiteboarding and Windsurfing Harness

The Women's Specific Brisa Kiteboarding and Windsurfing Harness

Introducing the Brisa, Ride Engine’s kiteboarding and windsurfing harness designed specifically for women. Ride Engine is renowned for its superior fitting harnesses in the wind sports industry. By analyzing body metrics from numerous women’s and men’s lower back molds, Ride Engine has achieved a unisex fit and developed the Lumbar Lock molded shape, setting a benchmark for others to strive towards.


A scientifically supported shape from more than 1,000 custom molds, the Lumbar Lock conforms and cradles your lumbar, back, and sides to lock the harness securely in place. These enhanced ergonomics ensure that you get the maximum support out of your harness—no more harness sliding side-to-side or riding up.



Women's Brisa Harness


Tapered wrap profile with soft outline padding for women's bodies.

It is important to recognize that every body shape is unique. Despite the scientific approach employed to create an unparalleled unisex fit, the anatomical differences between female and male bodies extend beyond general similarities. Women tend to have and hourglass shape, while men exhibit more of a trapezoidal form. Understanding this, Ride Engine delved into scientific research and deep body mapping to engineer a waist harness that truly caters to women.

Brisa Women's Harness

The designers and engineers quickly realized that simply scaling down a men’s harness and adjusting the outline, waist belt and side height to a smaller dimension, as many other brands do, was not the answer. Through this research, they discovered that a tapered outline, with a reduced center back vertical dimension and a slightly higher side height, perfectly aligns with the ergonomic shape of women. This innovative design enables the harness to stay securely positioned lower on the body, minimizing twisting and rising caused by the pull of the kite or sail.

The Brisa harness retains the full DNA of Ride Engine’s hard-shell harnesses, incorporating years of development and innovation. It utilizes the lightweight and durable Curv© composite material for the hard-shell support. This Thermo moulded material is engineered with Ride Engine’s data-driven Lumbar Lock shape, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

Brisa Women's Harness
For all the women pushing their progression in kiteboarding and windsurfing, settling for a scaled-down men’s harness with “girly” colors is no longer necessary. Ride Engine presents the ultimate solution with the Brisa, a harness specifically designed and engineered to the female shape perfectly.

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