Global Team

This globe trotting crew  of free spirits have a shared connection to the water, adventure and mother nature.

Fred Hope's Portrait

Fred Hope

Kite / Wing - USA

Sam Light's Portrait

Sam Light

Kite / Wing - UK

Ben Wilson's Portrait

Ben Wilson

Kite / Surf / Fish - Australia

Robby Stewart's Portrait

Robby Stewart

Kite / Wing - Mexico

Susi Schwarztrauber's Portrait

Susi Schwarztrauber


Julian Huynh's Portrait

Julian Huynh


Marius Sanchez's Portrait

Marius Sanchez


Coleman Buckley's Portrait

Coleman Buckley

Founder - USA

Zara Hoogenraad's Portrait

Zara Hoogenraad

Kite - Netherlands

Jeremy Burlando's Portrait

Jeremy Burlando

Kite / Wing - Spain

Sensi Graves's Portrait

Sensi Graves

Kite / Wing - USA

Julien Fillion's Portrait

Julien Fillion

Kite / Wing - Canada

Alessandro D’Ambrosio's Portrait

Alessandro D’Ambrosio

Kite - South Africa

Wesley Mark Jacobsen's Portrait

Wesley Mark Jacobsen

Wake/Cable - USA

Peri Roberts's Portrait

Peri Roberts

Kite - Australia

Islam Ali's Portrait

Islam Ali

Kite - Egypt

Kylie Zarmati's Portrait

Kylie Zarmati

Kite / Wing - USA

Quinn Silvernale's Portrait

Quinn Silvernale

Wake / Cable - USA

Crosse Bearden's Portrait

Crosse Bearden

Wake / Cable - USA

Michaela Pilkenton's Portrait

Michaela Pilkenton

Kite - USA

Bryan Metcalf-Perez's Portrait

Bryan Metcalf-Perez

Windsurf / Wing - USA

Alexander James Lewis-Hughes's Portrait

Alexander James Lewis-Hughes

Kite - Australia

Jasmine Cho's Portrait

Jasmine Cho

Kite - USA



Kite - France

Manuel Selman's Portrait

Manuel Selman

Kite / Wing / Surf - Chile

Kimo Verkerk's Portrait

Kimo Verkerk

Kite - Netherlands

Ahmed Mohamed's Portrait

Ahmed Mohamed

Kite - Egypt



Kite / Wing - Antigua

Alex Pastore's Portrait

Alex Pastore

Kite - Spain

Reed Brady's Portrait

Reed Brady

Kite / Wing - USA

Frances Kelly's Portrait

Frances Kelly

Kite - Canada

Luke Millard's Portrait

Luke Millard

Kite - Australia + Canada

Jesse Faen's Portrait

Jesse Faen

Kite / Wing / Surf - USA

Ryan Parsons's Portrait

Ryan Parsons

Kite - Australia


Laurent "Lolo" Guyot

Kite / Snowkite - France

Wyatt Miller's Portrait

Wyatt Miller

Windsurf / Wing - USA

Jeffery Spencer's Portrait

Jeffery Spencer

Wing - Hawaii + Canada

Finn Spencer's Portrait

Finn Spencer

Wing - Hawaii + Canada

Ranja Schlotte's Portrait

Ranja Schlotte