Should you Consider a Seat Harness?

Should you Consider a Seat Harness?

 Ride Engine gained renown for revolutionizing the perspective of kiteboarders and windsurfers by introducing the hard-shell harness. Often overlooked as a crucial element, the harness holds significant importance. An ill-fitting harness can cause discomfort, hinder skill advancement, and curtail time spent on the water. Furthermore, it has the potential to result in injuries, preventing you from enjoying precious water time. Recognizing riders' preferences favoring seat harnesses, Ride Engine proudly presents the Contour and Slash models. Embedded with the distinctive Ride Engine DNA, these high-performance seat harnesses are designed to elevate your kiteboarding or windsurfing experience to new levels.

A few reasons you might consider a seat harness:

  1. Comfort and Support. Kiteboarding and windsurfing involve a lot of physical effort, especially in the core and lower body. A seat harness provides support by distributing the load across your hips and thighs, reducing strain on your lower back and upper body. This can result in increased comfort during long sessions on the water.
  2. Lower Center of Gravity. This benefit is more specific to kiteboarding. With a seat harness, the kite's control bar's attachment point is lower than a waist harness. This can provide a lower center of gravity, improving stability and balance on the board, and making the depower trim line reach lower a benefit for riders with shorter reaches.
  3.  Reduced Fatigue. The support provided by a seat harness helps distribute the load more evenly, which can lead to reduced muscle fatigue over extended periods on the water.
  4. Beginner-Friendly. Seat harnesses can be particularly beneficial for beginners. They provide additional stability and support, making it easier for newcomers to focus on learning control and board skills without worrying too much about balance.
  5. Injury Prevention. The lower attachment point of a seat harness can help prevent excessive strain on the lower back, reducing the risk of injuries due to repetitive motions and high forces associated with kiteboarding and windsurfing.

Ride Engine Seat Harnesses

It's worth noting that the choice between a seat harness and a waist harness often comes down to personal preference and style. Some riders prefer the mobility offered by waist harnesses, while others appreciate the support and comfort of seat harnesses, especially in more demanding conditions. Ultimately, the best harness for you will depend on your body type, riding style, and comfort preferences.


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