The Ultimate Handbook on Wing Foiling Harnesses

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The eternal question persists: to harness or not to harness when wing foiling? It's a debate destined to endure. On one side, some argue that a harness is entirely unnecessary for wing foiling. After all, part of the allure of wing foiling lies in its simplicity—just hold on and ride.

Yet, despite this, there's a growing contingent of wing foilers who swear by their harnesses, some even refusing to venture out without them. Why the shift? The answer lies in the undeniable benefits. With a plethora of harness options available, enthusiasts can tailor their choice to suit their specific needs.

So, what are the advantages of using a harness for wing foiling?

Foremost is the relief it offers to your arms. In strong winds, the pressure exerted by the wing can strain your arms considerably. Even in lighter winds, the constant gripping and pumping can quickly fatigue even the strongest gym rat forearms. Additionally, a harness enables you to stay on the water longer, extending sessions and minimizing trips back to shore.

But there are subtler advantages too. Riding off the harness line aids in maintaining consistent wing sheeting and positioning, enhancing upwind performance—an undeniable advantage for navigating upwind to downwind swell rides without the need for setting a downwind shuttle. Moreover, in point break surf, reaching back up the point becomes more efficient and less tiring, allowing for more waves.

Wing foil harnesses can also be remarkably versatile. Some models can serve as attachment points for your board leash or provide impact protection with integrated padding.

The variety of wing foil harnesses is expanding, with several popular options available:

  1. Vinaka Pro Wing Foil Waist Harness: Featuring hard shell technology for unparalleled back support, the Vinaka Pro is ideal for those seeking maximum power and extended session times on the water.

  1. Vinaka V2 Wing Foil Waist Harness: With double wrap stabilization and a sliding hook, the Vinaka V2 offers functionality without sacrificing the freedom that defines wing foiling.

  1. Sky Hook Wing Vest: Seamlessly combining an impact vest with a harness line hook, the Sky Hook provides both impact protection and relief for tired arms, ensuring you stay on the water longer.

  1. The NUG: Catering to minimalist and freedom-seeking enthusiasts, the NUG offers just enough pressure relief to prolong sessions or chase down that one last set wave.

And of course, no harness is complete without a harness line. From minimalist simple lines to fully adjustable options, harness lines come in various configurations to suit every wing foiler's needs.


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