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Thank you for signing up for a Ride Engine pro store account! As a customer, you are eligible for preferred pricing and discounts on all things watersports and travel related from Ride Engine. To start shopping with your preferred pricing, simply log in to your account and that is it! Once you are logged in our preferred pricing will be shown on each product.

Ride Engine Pro Store Guidelines and Rules:

  • Your Pro account is for your personal use. We ask that you please remember this is an exclusive privilege for you and only you. Please do not purchase gifts or buy gear for others. If someone admires your gear (friends, family, clients, etc.), please refer them to one of our Authorized Dealers (Authorized Dealers can be found on the Dealer Locator on the website).
  • You cannot shop for, return, or exchange products at an Authorized Dealer.
  • Exchanges and returns must always be processed through Ride Engine directly. Returning product at an Authorized Retailer will result in immediate removal from the Pro program.
  • Your pro store pricing cannot be combined with any other site promotions, including free shipping offers.
  • Please do not discuss your Pro pricing with anyone.
IMPORTANT: Membership in this program is a privilege that we extend to industry professionals and partner companies -- this is a partnership of mutual respect. Any violations of the Ride Engine Pro Store Guidelines and Rules will lead to immediate and permanent cancellation of your pro store account. Please contact us with any questions you may have, and thanks again for your interest in Ride Engine!

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The Ride Engine crew

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